Our customers say it best.

"I need equipment that I can depend on 100% when I am on Duty. Ten4Tec made a chest harness second to none."

Miles Randall

Owner and Operator of TEAAM Aeromedical

"I love the hidden wire to attach the lapel mic or headset. It eliminates possible snags on the wire when running a chainsaw or walking through dense brush."

Jay Devry

Wildland and now Structural Firefighter (23 years fighting fires)

"Quick access to everything I need and Dependable. What else can I say?"

Rob Munday

Operator at SR3 Rescue Concepts @sr3_rescue

"Super comfortable and Secure"

River Kelly

Motor Sport Athlete

More from Customers:

“I love this harness, the construction of it is next level. Serious attention to detail and quality. Night and day from a dated Wolfpack harness. I liked the harness so much I bought the extra GPS holder as well. Highly recommended for first responders or others who need to wear a harness.”

Jamie M. 

“Great product very well made works excellent thanks for everything.” 

Jose B.

“Well I received my Radio harness. Love it. The fit works for me and  as stated I’m an X/L. Minimal but all the organization you need.”


“I have rigged out the radio harness to hold a radio, my GPS and a few other essential items I need when I’m in the field.
I need to access my GPS constantly and it is safely and readily at hand with the harness setup.
I’m very happy with this gear.”

Jim L.

“We recently received 5 radio chest packs and 2 radio pouches. We have found so far that they are very good quality in construction and design. They are comfortable to wear and ergonomically very well designed. We continue to use them in the field in a marine environment and they are sturdy and dependable.”

Geoffrey C.

“I bought the radio harness for bass coast this year. I thought it might be a bit nerdy at first but Andrea recommended it. However, it was brilliant. I loved it and wore it all day every day. It was a bit warm around the midriff but not bad at all and well worth the convenience. No radios falling out of my pocket or getting tangled in stuff. All my keys were right there and easy to access. Pretty sweet item. I will roll it into fire fighting and whatever else I can think of. Thank you!”

Leighton K.

“First of all – I wore the harness for the first time yesterday and IT IS AMAZING.  What a game changer!!!!”

Kate R.G.

“I ordered two and they are awesome.

When would you have 10 more available?”

Scott S.

So far I’m loving my new Ten4Tec harness. I’ve had 2 other brands over the years and this one just fits me way better and has my devices more easily accessible than any other I’ve tried. Thanks for not just copying another product but making a better one!

Jon M.

Seriously the best piece of equipment I’ve had in a long time! Love it 🙂

Katie O.