Made for Professionals

Radio Chest Harness

The Radio Chest Harness has a single radio holder and tool pouch. It can carry all sizes of radio, a cell phone, a permanent marker, a write in the rain book, and a number of tools. We have created details to support the technicians who use them.

Highest Quality Gear

Double Radio Chest Harness

Designed for carrying 2 Radios, an iPad®, Phone and tools this is a true command center. We worked with specialists in the field to make sure we had all the details considered for an incident commander. We know that communication and organization are the key component to delivering the best result.

Harness Compatible

Radio Holster

The Radio Holder is a pouch designed to carry a radio on a belt, the Ten4Tec Radio Chest Harness, or a work at height safety harness. It can carry most sizes of radios and is an efficient way to secure your radio in versatile ways.

Secures your device

Mini Satellite Holder

The Ten4Tec Mini Satellite Holder is a sleeve that secures your Satellite devise to a belt, shoulder strap or door handle to make sure it is accessible during that moment when you need it most.