About Us

What We Make

The world’s most innovative “True Professional-Grade” organization and carry solutions for professional outdoor industrial workers. Our products are designed by leading industrial designers with a goal to create the very best products in terms of user interface, comfort, and durability.


How It Started

Ten4Tec is a family business based in Squamish British Columbia.

T4 was created by Damien Kelly to serve the technicians out in the field with high quality products that match the skill set of the end users.

With over 20 years of design consulting combined with a love of climbing, skiing and being in the outdoors, Damien is uniquely qualified to make great product. He has built product for brands such as Mountain Hardwear, Thule, Simms Fishing, and Sitka Hunting to name a few. His focus is on the details and materials that make products world class.

At Ten4Tec we are constantly in the field looking at how people work, the tools they use, and how we can support them to be organized, safer and more efficient. We believe that the details are what make the difference. We search for those details and then incorporate them into our designs. All our product is tested in the field by qualified end users.


Ten4Tec exists for the well being of people. We care about our customers and look for ways to make life better for everyone.


Our Products

Our team engineers true professional-grade gear, designed and tested by professionals for professionals. As true to you as you are to your work.

Ten4Tec has designed the most technical radio harness on the market. We designed it so that it is a supporting player in your daily work. Organized to free your mind and comfortable to free your body.

We designed our product with a sharp focus on the details to make sure we make equipment that matches the skill of the technicians who use them. We use only the best materials and craftmanship to reflect your skill in trade.

We take pride in the product we make because you take pride in the work you do. Our harnesses are a reflection of your skill.

Ten4Tec is True4Work.

Radio Harness

The Radio Chest Harness has a single radio holder and tool pouch. It can carry all sizes of radio, a cell phone, a permanent marker, a write in the rain book, and a number of tools.