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The Radio Chest Harness has a single radio holder and tool pouch. It can carry all sizes of radio, a cell phone, a permanent marker, a write in the rain book, and a number of tools. We have created details to support the technicians who use them.

Ten4Tec Radio Chest Rig


No matter what work throws at you, be prepared with storage pockets to carry your essentials.

Key Holder
Don’t get locked out. Our radio chest harness safely stores your keys so that they are safe but accessible.
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First Aid
Be prepared for the unexpected with an emergency first aid kit that fits in your tool pouch.
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Work Gloves
Your work gloves are always accessible with the convenient velcro strip on the front of the radio chest harness tool pouch.
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You will no longer be searching for a pen or marker with the interior and exterior pen slot that perfectly fits a sharpie marker.
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Exacto Knife
Need quick access to your exacto knife? it's easily stored in the pen slot on the tool pouch interior or exterior.
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Keep your notes
Rite in the Rain is the perfect note pad for any work environment. Durable, reliable and easily stored in your tool pouch.
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The Leatherman multitool prepares you for anything. This pliers based multitool conveniently fits in the tool pouch.
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Ear Piece
Stay connected with the Titan Ear Loop Earpiece for your two way radio. Conveniently connects through the arm strap.
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Ten4Tec is an equipment company making tool management accessories for technicians. We define Technicians as a person skilled in the technique of an art or craft. Our products are designed by leading industrial designers with a goal to create the very best products in terms of user interface, comfort, and durability.